Features of the Pro, Pro+ and eCommerce Editions of our WordPress Tooltip plugin

The CM WordPress ToolTip plugin comes in three powerful Editions to support different types of needs for your website glossary, dictionary or encyclopedia.

The Pro Edition

Our Pro Edition includes multisite support, responsive design re-sizing for mobile devices, and allows for .csv uploads and scheduled backups of your A-Z glossary. The Glossary can be exported and shared with other WordPress websites.

The Pro+ Edition- For External API integration

Pro+ Includes all the features of the Pro Edition, and in addition supports the integration of powerful external services such as Google Translate, Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Merriam-Webster Thesaurus API. With Pro+ you can setup search capabilities and term categories. It also provides a search-and-replace tool for making quick, across-the-board updates, term exclusions, and custom links. With Shortcode integration, you can easily create and manage multiple WordPress glossaries and display them across several WordPress websites.

The eCommerce Edition

This edition will take your ToolTip glossary even further, allowing you to embed audio and video files inside your glossary term definitions using YouTube and Vimeo shortcodes. In addition, you’ll be able to integrate your Amazon and WooCommerce products so that they’re made visible upon hover-over certain glossary terms, making your marketing infrastructure stronger and improving your site’s SEO.

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Learn more about the CM TooTip plugin in the video below: