More than Just a WordPress Glossary Index- The SEO Perspective

Having a WordPress Glossary Index on your side Enhances Search Engine Optimization by automatically linking each highlighted phrase or word back to a dedicated term definition page, that includes an alphabetical glossary terms index of all automatically generated links that anchor to the pages or posts containing your highlighted term. This means that every term in your glossary becomes anchor-linked to all other internal pages that contain the same keyword, term or phrase, creating a strong back linking infrastructure without having to add links manually.
The lexicon of words or phrases that your website uses can be accessed via an API that connects with definitions and thesaurus synonyms from Merriam Webster. With this plugin for WP, the possibilities for anchor linking are endless.

creating a list of words page of the terminology and definition of keywords that your website uses, listed in an index page that anchors links to your content

Simple Term Page:

The Term page includes the word or phrase name and its corresponding definition. It can include text, links images and video or audio files. The Term page instantly provides multiple internal links that result in a strong SEO presence for search engines that crawl your site.

WordPress Glossary Index Related Articles:

Related articles are automatically generated when these options are specified in the plugins’ settings. Related Articles connects the term page with every post or page that includes the term. The Pro+ edition allows users to include custom links as part of the related articles feature.

WordPress Glossary Index
WordPress Glossary Index


Users can add several Synonyms to each defined word or phrase. The tooltip window will appear upon hover-over the terms inside pages and posts, displaying a list of all Synonyms that have been found. Once a Synonym is found in a post or a page, it will be linked like any other term to the WordPress Glossary Index page.