CM Tooltip Guide: Restricting tooltips appearance on your WordPress pages

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The Pro+ and eCommerce Editions of CM Tooltip Glossary enable you to manually create a list of terms which will be highlighted on each page or post individually. By Restricting tooltips appearance gives you more control over what content your wish your page terms to be linking to and what content you’d rather avoid. The option of restricting tooltips is available via the page or post editor, and does not affect the original term page.

That list of allowed terms is entered as a comma-separated string:

Restricting tooltips appearance on your WordPress pages- CM tooltip glossary plugin

Filling this list with at least one item means that from now on only the terms enlisted on the list will be highlighted on the post/page. The rest of your glossary terms will NOT be highlighted by default unless you add them to the list.

On this page the word “Tooltip” is not highlighted although it’s on the Glossary Index List.

If you wish to highlight all the terms on the page you have to clear the list and update the changes.