CM Tooltip Pro Changelog

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Version 3.6.0 12th Oct 2017

  • Added the support for importing featured images
  • Fixed the error reporting during imports

Version 3.5.14 26th Sep 2017

  • Added the support for the parsing in the Goodlayers theme builder

Version 3.5.13 10th Sep 2017

  • Fixed the CSS conflict for settings with some of the themes
  • Fixed the bug with one of the images missing for Image Tiles View
  • Now showing the term link automatically on the bottom when displaying tooltip on click
  • Now showing the term link automatically on the bottom when displaying tooltip on click

Version 3.5.12 25th Aug 2017

  • Added the clickable thumbnail for Images Tiles View
  • Fixed the Custom Link in the ReadMore link in the tooltip

Version 3.5.10 7th July 2017

  • Further fixes for the Enfold theme
  • Added new filters

Version 3.5.8 23rd July 2017

  • Added the option to select the Tooltip Close Icon Symbol
  • Fixed the problem with the fontsize for the tooltips
  • Fixed the disable_listnav attribute for Client Side Pagination
  • Added the option to select the stem color
  • Added the options to select the featured image size and placement per term

Version 3.5.7 4th June 2017

  • Updated license package

Version 3.5.6 18th May 2017

  • Fixed the problem with the tooltip closing on mobile
  • Fixed the XSS vulnerability of the Glossary Index

Version 3.5.5 28th April 2017

  • Added the label to “Back to top” in “Expand + Description” Glossary Index type
  • Added the option to disable the filtering of the tooltip content completely
  • Added the option to display the related articles in new tab
  • Added the new shortcode (see the Shortcodes menu item for details)
  • Version 3.5.4 9th April 2017

    • Fixed the bug with the Tooltip title color settings not working

    Version 3.5.3 28th March 2017

    • Added the translation wrappers to few missing places on the Glossary Term Page

    Version 3.5.2 13th March 2017

    • Further improved the PHP 7.0 compatibility
    • Added the option to close the tooltip with the ESC key (if it’s clickable)

    Version 3.5.1 21st Feb 2017

    • Bug fixes

    Version 3.5.0 6th Feb 2017

    • Improved the PHP 7.0 compatibility
    • Added the option to overwrite the “Highlight only first term occurrence” for post
    • Fixed a rare warning about in the wp-includes/cache.php
    • Added the option to use the dashicons in the shortcode
    • Added option to exclude the parsed ACF fields by ID
    • Added the option to disable ACF parsing on page/post
    • Added the options to set the size and color of the tooltip close icon

    Version 3.4.4 20th Dec 2016

    • Add the option to change the Tooltip title’s text color and the Tooltip title’s background color
    • Version 3.4.3 9th Dec 2016

      • Improved accessibility of the Glossary Index letter navigation

      Version 3.4.2 29th Nov 2016

      • Added the option to remove the term highlighting on BuddyPress pages
      • Fixed the term highlighting in the image captions of the ACF fields
      • Fixed the tooltip explanations to some of the settings

      Version 3.4.1 10th Nov 2016

      • Fixed the Fast-Live-Filter vs Nothing found label
      • Added the option to remove the parsing from the excerpts in Performance&Debug section enabled by default
      • Removed the tooltip reappearing after clicking the close button

      Version 3.4.0 29th Sep 2016

      • Added the option to select which types of Advanced Custom Fields should be parsed
      • Added the option to select which types of Advanced Custom Fields should have the WP filters removed (wpautop)
      • Added the option to disable the Alphabetic Index
      • Added the option to change the width of the tiles
      • Fixed the bug in parsing of the ACF fields
      • Fixed the bug with the close icon for tooltip sometimes missing when not logged in

      Version 3.3.11 12th Sep 2016

      • Fixed the problem with the styling of the Index Page
      • Fixed the typo in SYNONYMS
      • Fixed the problem with the tooltips appearing on Glossary Index Page with server-side pagination
      • Fixed the bug with styles missing on the Glossary Term pages when no related terms have been found and scripts placed in footer
      • Fixed the bug with “ALL” option not being properly pre-selected in some cases (you can now type “all” or “ALL” in pre selected option to force that)

      Version 3.3.10 23rd Aug 2016

      • Fixed the notice in related articles
      • Changed the styling of the letter count in Glossary Index Alphabetical list
      • Fixed the bug in the Category Whitelisting
      • Added the option to show only “Draft” elements on Terms List in Admin Dashboard

      Version 3.3.9 28th July 2016

      • Removed the redundant Server Information tab from the Settings
      • Moved the shortcodes info to separate tab
      • Slightly improved the look of the tooltip close icon
      • Fixed small bugs
      • Updated licensing platform

      Version 3.3.8 13th July 2016

      • Fixed the rare ‘randomness’ of the random terms widget bug in some installations
      • Added the option to enable “Embedded mode” which outputs the scripts inside the content (so the Glossary Index Page works in Magento using FishPig extension)
      • Fixed the bug not allowing to unset all of the post types in the related articles list
      • Improved support for Yoast SEO plugin
      • Added the option to force override the color of the tooltip texts
      • Added the option to show only the custom related articles
      • Fixed the bug in the related articles parsing
      • Fixed the bug with the clickable tooltips on mobile

      Version 3.3.7 28th June 2016

      • Fixed the rare bug with initial the pagination
      • Fixed the rare bug with undefined excludedTagsCount
      • Fixed the bug with “related” attribute used together with “glossary_index_style” in glossary shortcode
      • Fixed the bug with the option allowing to remove the term links from the Glossary Index Page
      • Added option to add the term page link to the tooltip
      • CHANGE: Removed automated adding the term page link when the content is limited – now selecting the “Add term page link to the end of the tooltip content?” option is required
      • CHANGE: Disabled the “Enable Caching Mechanisms” by default

      Version 3.3.6 19th May 2016

      • Added the option to split the Glossary Index letters navigation into multiple lines with | character
      • Added the option to disable the element count in Glossary Index letters navigation
      • Fixed the Glossary Index letters styling
      • Added the option to disable the additional Visual Editor buttons
      • Added the option allowing to open the custom related articles in same tab
      • Added the new attribute to “glossary” shortcode “glossary_index_style” allowing to override the general setting
      • Improved licensing module and dashboard

      Version 3.3.5 28th April 2016

      • Bug fixing version

      Version 3.3.4 19th April 2016

      • Security fixes based on advisory
      • Additional optimization and bug fixes

      Version 3.3.3 12th April 2016

      • Fixed conflict in BuddyPress avatar cropping
      • Added the option to hide the “empty” letters in the Glossary Index Page
      • Big performance optimization (reduced memory amount used, number of queries, and loading times)

      Version 3.3.2 22nd Mar 2016

      • Fixed JS bug in 3.3.1 release

      Version 3.3.1 21st Mar 2016

      • Replaced “data-tooltip” attribute with “data-cmtooltip” to avoid collisions
      • Added the new label for the prefix before the “title” attribute
      • Update license package

      Version 3.3.0 29th Feb 2016

      • Added automatic updates from plugin dashboard
      • Replaced plugin admin interface including license activation and userguide
      • Fixed the problem with set_time_limit
      • Fixed the gettext calls
      • Added the options to set colors for links in the tooltip
      • Added the option to display tooltips on click not on hover

      Version 3.2.9 01th Feb 2016

      • Updated the “ALL” count in Glossary Index Page client side pagination

      Version 3.2.8 13th Dec 2015

      • Minor Changes in licensing system

      Version 3.2.7 Build 4th Dec 2015

      • Added the several new strings to be translatable
      • Removed the deprecated options
      • Added the option to Get the Suggested Synonyms from the external Service
      • Added many custom classes to the elements on the Glossary Term page to allow easier customisation

      Version 3.2.6 Build 20th Nov 2015

      • Fixed the mb_stringtolower
      • Fixed the bug with the link in the notice
      • Added the Non-SSL option to licensing
      • Removed the “AddOns” tab when not needed

      Version 3.2.5 Build 19th Nov 2015

      • Ensured the WordPress 4.4 compatibility
      • Small fix to the licensing package

      Version 3.2.3 Build 11th Nov 2015

      • Fixed the sorting of numbers when ‘intl’ library is present from 1,10,11,2 to 1,2,10,11
      • Fixed the problem with the role management
      • Fixed the problems with glossary_exclude being displayed as-is

      Version 3.2.2 Build 03rd Nov 2015

      • Fixed the problem with related articles when the “Highlight Only the first occurrence” is enabled and “Only highlight on “main” WP query?” is disabled
      • Fixed the bug with synonyms not being properly deleted for the deleted terms (messaged as duplicates)
      • Removed the parsing of the tooltips in the textareas
      • IMPORTANT! Adding/deleting/editing the glossary terms now require the “manage_glossary” capability (added to admin/editor on activation)
      • Added the option to control the role(s) which can add/edit/delete glossary terms

      Version 3.2.1 Build 18th Sep 2015

      • Raised the priority of the main hooks over to 20000 to avoid conflicts
      • Added the functionality which remembers the last selected filters on the Glossary Index Page
      • Improved the design of the tooltips
      • Added the option to set the delay before the tooltip appears and before it hides
      • Added the option to show the shadow for the tooltips and set it’s color
      • Redesigned the synonyms feature to improve the WPML compatibility and fix some bugs

      Version 3.2.0 Build 21st Aug 2015

      • Fixed the missing arguments to “current_user_can” calls
      • Added the auto creation of cache table, when one of the columns is missing
      • Fixed the code responsible for creating the cache table
      • Moved all of the Labels to separate table
      • Added the option to whitelist/blacklist multiple categories on the post/page

      Version 3.1.9 Build 28th July 2015

      • Fixed the bug with terms consisting of just numbers being incorrectly highlighted
      • Added the support for highlighting the terms in the Woocommerce short description

      Version 3.1.8 Build 14th July 2015

      • Added the hook allowing to change/remove the built-in tooltip styling: add_filter(‘cmtt_dynamic_css’,$content)

      Version 3.1.7 Build 17th June 2015

      • Removed the

        tags used in the plugin to comply with the accessibility standards

      • Added the support for touch+mouse devices
      • Added the options to control the Related Articles Index – now it’s done in chunks to solve the performance problems

      Version 3.1.6 Build 03th June 2015

      • Added the option to keep the images in the Tooltip content
      • Added the option to move the scripts loading to the footer
      • Added the option to disable the creation of RSS feeds for the glossary term pages
      • Fixed the bug with the “checked” on the Tooltip – Disables
      • Small improvements and bugfixes
      • Fixed the rare problem with the shortcode detection

      Version 3.1.5 Build 14th May 2015

      • Fixed the bug with the option “Show close icon”
      • Added the option to keep the images in the Tooltip content
      • Added some security updates
      • Fixed the bug which stopped the terms from being highlighted on glossary pages
      • Added the option to pick the pagination position in the Server-side pagination
      • Updated the CSS for the category links on the Glossary Index Page

      Version 3.1.4 Build 22nd Apr 2015

      • Fixed the XSS vulnerability in WordPress add_query_arg() and remove_query_arg() functions
      • Fix issue with amp term
      • Fix small bugs
      • Update CSS rules

      Version 3.1.2 Build 14th Apr 2015

      • Fixed the support for the apostrophes in the Glossary Terms
      • Added the option to highlight terms in bbPress replies
      • Added the option to pick the template for the Glossary Term from the Settings
      • Added the wp-color-picker to color selections

      Version 3.1.1 Build 1st Apr 2015

      • Changed all of the __() and _e() calls to CMTT_Pro::__() and CMTT_Pro::_e() respectively
      • Added the options to set the tooltips max-width and min-width
      • Organized the General Settings screen in more sections

      Version 3.1.0 Build 2nd Mar 2015

      • Fixed the problems with blacklist/whitelist
      • Fixed the option removing comments from term pages (worked inverse)
      • Added the explanation to the Custom Term Link functionality
      • Added the option to turn ON/OFF the caching mechanisms
      • Added the option to choose the Custom Post Types where the Tooltips should be highlighted
      • Added the option to highlight the terms in Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)
      • Added the new attribute (related=”X”) to the glossary shortcode allowing to show “up to X” related articles on Glossary Index List
      • Added the new attribute (no_desc=”0″) to the glossary shortcode allowing to disable the descriptions on Glossary Index List

      Version 3.0.6 Build 10th Feb 2015

      • Fixed some small bugs, small code improvements
      • Fixed small bug in js on mobile devices, subsequent term clicks close previous tooltips

      Version 3.0.5 Build 30th Jan 2015

      • Improved i18n by wrapping some missing texts in __()

      Version 3.0.4 Build 26th Jan 2015

      • Settings stay on the last tab after save
      • Fixed the bug with the terms not being highlighted for some users

      Version 3.0.3 Build 21st Jan 2015

      • Fixed the bug with glossary_exclude shortcode sometimes appearing around the Glossary Index
      • Improved the support for mobile devices
      • Added the support for passing the attributes to the glossary shortcode by $_GET and $_POST
      • Removed the unused “title_prefix”, “title_show” and “title_category” attributes from the glossary shortcode
      • Updated the shortcode attributes of the glossary shortcode
      • Fixed the bug with accented characters in Modern Table and Classic Table

      Version 3.0.2 Build 15th Jan 2015

      • Added the support for DataTables(
      • Improved the way tooltip position is calculated – the tooltips should take into account the boundaries of the viewport
      • Added the option to choose the locale used for the sorting on Glossary Index page

      Version 3.0.1 Build 13th Jan 2015

      • Added the support for sorting using “intl” library
      • Fixed the typo in “Cleanup Database” button
      • Added the autoinstaller for the synonyms and related posts (fixes the problems with failed saving)

      Version 3.0.0 Build 8th Jan 2015

      • Improved the performance of the Glossary Index page
      • Added the support for glossary shortcode
      • Added the automatic addition of glossary shortcode to the Glossary Index page
      • Added over 50 new filters
      • Added over 20 new actions
      • Fixed many bugs/potential bugs
      • Improved i18n by adding some missing labels
      • Improved security by fixing potential XSS vulnerabilities

      Version 2.8.6 Build 10th Dec 2014

      • Fixed the numbers of terms overlapping the letters in Glossary Index
      • Added the option to manually check for the plugin updates
      • Added the option to display the “X” to close the tooltip
      • Fixed a rare bug with terms not being highlighted only once

      Version 2.8.5 Build 18th Nov 2014

      • Fixed bug with license check

      Version 2.8.4 Build 7th Nov 2014

      • Fixed the bug with the license activation
      • Added the option to turn off the term highlighting on the Glossary Term pages in the Settings
      • Added Support to new versions announcements
      • Made some css changes in the Index page

      Version 2.8.3 Build 24th Oct 2014

      • Fixed the bug “indexOf not working in InternetExplorer 8”

      Version 2.8.2 Build 23rd Sep 2014

      • Added the new options for sorting of the Related Articles
      • Added the option to add a custom Wikipedia URl for a term
      • Fixed some small JS issues
      • Added the option to edit the [All] label

      Version 2.8.1 Build 26th Aug 2014

      • Fixed the bug causing the Glossary Index Page to disregard the chosen template
      • Fixed the links to the social media libraries
      • Added the option to select the size of the Glossary Index letters
      • Fixed the bug in cm_tooltip_parse shortcode which was adding the p tag
      • Limited the scope of the admin styles to the plugin’s Settings only
      • Fixed the problems with Posts/Pages with with statuses other than “published” being shown in “Related Posts”

      Version 2.8.0 Build 13th Aug 2014

      • Merged the items on the Glossary Index Page regardless of the case
      • Improved the support to [glossary_parse] shortcode by adding new qTags and tinyMCE and ckeditor buttons
      • Added the option allowing to display the edit-link inside the Tooltip for logged-in users with “edit_posts” capability
      • Added the button on the Settings page allowing to Cleanup the database (erase all the data plugin has saved in the DB)
      • Fixed the bug in the function generating the Glossary Index Page
      • Added the example import file on the Import/Export page
      • Fixed the bugs on the Import/Export page

      Version 2.7.7 Build 26th July 2014

      • Combined the scripts to optimize loading times
      • Optimized the loading of external vendor scripts required by ShareThis box
      • Added the option to turn off the tooltips on mobile devices
      • Fixed the Import/Export format example
      • WARNING! Due to the performance issues on big glossaries, we’ve decided to disable for the terms to have parent

      Version 2.7.6 Build 10th July 2014

      • Changed some of the CSS rules to be more strict
      • Fixed the bug with one of the options that couldn’t be unchecked
      • Improved the tooltip display on narrow screens on low resolutions and near the edges

      Version 2.7.5 Build 02nd July 2014

      • Added the support for the CM Tooltip Glossary Remote Import
      • Fixed the paths of the scripts on SSL installations
      • Fixed the TinyMCE editor integration (glossary_exclude button)
      • Added the Call to action box on Settings screen

      Version 2.7.4 Build 14th June 2014

      • Fixed the deprecated calls in widgets.php
      • Fixed the problem with licensing
      • WPML compatibility integration
      • Added the filter “cmtt_disable_metabox_posttypes” which allows to display disable metabox on custom post types
      • Fixed HTML Bugs

      Version 2.7.3 Build 2nd June 2014

      • Fixed the js bug
      • Added the backup support and options

      Version 2.7.2 Build 16th May 2014

      • Removed the meta information caching from the query of the parser (bug with long queries)
      • Fixed the bug with “glossary_container” element being indented on AJAX requests
      • Fixed the bug with term definitions not being displayed correctly on the Glossary Index Page

      Version 2.7.1 Build 15th Apr 2014

      • Added option to change the order of the “Related Articles”
      • Improved the performance of the synonyms
      • Fixed the bug with widgets

      Version 2.7.0 Build 3rd Apr 2014

      • Updated the link to the User Guide
      • Dropped the “Licensed Item Name” from the “Licensing” screen
      • Redesigned the “Settings”
      • Fixed the “parse_error” bug in PHP versions
      • Added Licensing tab and support
      • Fixed notices

      Version 2.6.8 Build 1st Apr 2014

        • Added setting to run the function displaying the Glossary Index only once
        • Improved the option saving
        • Fixed some PHP notices
        • Fixed the problem with saving the “-None-” Glossary Index Page option
        • Updated the explanation of how the Glossary Index Page is created

      Version 2.6.7 Build 27th Mar 2014

          • Added the menu icon
          • Fixed the setting “Avoid parsing protected tags?”
          • Added “header” to the list of protected tags
          • Fixed “Show linked glossary terms” setting
          • Remove the filter displaying the Glossary Index Page after it’s outputted once

      Version 2.6.6 Build 18th Mar 2014

          • Fixed the title of the Glossary Index Page when there’s permalink conflict
          • Displaying “Glossary Index Page ID” settings in separate line
          • Added the option to prefix the Glossary Term title on Glossary Term page
          • Fixed a bugs with pagination
          • Added the options to display the “Share This” box on the Glossary Index Page and Glossary Term Pages
          • Changed the “Glossary Index Page ID” input from textbox to select
          • Updated the descriptions of “Glossary Index Page ID” and “Glossary Index Page Permalink”
          • Added option to generate the “Glossary Index Page”
          • Added new column in “System Information” with information if the setting is OK

      Version 2.6.4 Build 12th Mar 2014

          • Fixed the bug with ‘persistent’ tooltip
          • Fixed the bug with permalink conflict of page and archive
          • Fixed the first listnav letter bug when [All] and [0-9] were disabled
          • Fixed a very rare bug with filenames conflict

      Version 2.6.1 Build 4th Mar 2014

          • Fixed bugs
          • Added warning message about missing “mbstring” library
          • Fixed the title settings

      Version 2.6.0 Build 3rd Mar 2014

          • Fixed some problems with saving the settings
          • Added the redirect from the terms archive to the glossary index page
          • Added the “mbstring” check to the System Information tab
          • Fixed the conflict with “NextGen Gallery”
          • Fixed the bug with “&” character in synonyms
          • Redesigned the settings for better readability and functionality
          • Fixed some notices
          • Tooltips are now displayed by default
          • Added the Term title to the Tooltip content
          • Added the note about using the Excerpts

      Version 2.5.0 Build 14th Feb 2014

          • Fixed the bug with 0-9 color on glossary index letters nav bar
          • Fixed the bug with disabling the tooltips in the Glossary Random Terms widget
          • Added the option to show [All] on the glossary index letters nav bar
          • Added the “Server Information” settings tab
          • Fixed the conditions in “the_content” filters

      Version 2.4.10 Build 28th Jan 2014

          • Separated “Variations” metabox from “Synonyms”
          • Fixed wording in the variations/synonyms additional information
          • Fixed a bug in tooltip recognition pattern
          • Added the support for BuddyPress (custom type for filter:
          • Added “Edit Glossary Item” to the admin bar
          • Added the support for shortcode [glossarytooltip content=”text”]term[/glossarytooltip]
          • Added the code changing the default charset for the synonyms/variations table to UTF-8
          • Added the link to the “Trash” (for trashed glossary terms)

      Version 2.4.9 Build 14th Jan 2014

          • Fixed bug – Added the charset (UTF-8) and collate information of
          • synonyms/variations table
          • Added support for the shortcodes in the term pages
          • Fixed a bug with contentHash
          • Added better support for Unicode characters in tooltip recognition
            pattern (especially for French support)
          • Added clarification about abbreviations, synonyms and variants (toggle by clicking on “More info”)

      Version 2.4.8 Build 7th Jan 2014 !

          • Fixed the rare bug with case-sensitivity
          • Added the option allowing to turn off the plugin parsing completely
          • Fixed related articles per page setting
          • Added the option to add Glossary Items from the admin bar
          • Changed the database structure regarding the synonyms
          • Added the error message if the same synonym/variation is being used more than once
          • Fixed the deprecated “attribute_escape()” calls

      Version 2.4.7 Build 23rd Oct 2013

          • Added the option to turn off related terms and synonyms per page
          • Updated the User Guide link
          • Fixed the bug with “All” button disappearing

      Version 2.4.6 Build 12th Oct 2013

          • Fixed notifications appearing on some plugin installations
          • Fixed the bug with parsing with huge amounts of glossary items ( over 3000)
          • Added the support for RSS feeds for glossary pages

      Version 2.4.5 Build 1st Oct 2013

          • Added the option to disable the glossary term links on given page
          • Added the option to disable the tooltips on given page
          • Clarified the option which stopped the plugin to parse the given page

      Version 2.4.4 Build 27th Nov 2013

          • Fixed listnav js problems
          • Added the option to disable the parsing of the glossary pages
          • Fixed the rare installation bug which caused main glossary page not being created
          • Fixed a bug which caused the alphabetical list to not appear

      Version 2.4.2 Build 15th Nov 2013

          • Added the option to put the tooltip.js in footer
          • Switched default tooltip.js loading place to header (due to many themes lacking wp_footer() hook)
          • Changed the way how jQueryUI is loaded in admin

      Version 2.4.1 Build 8th Nov 2013

          • Fixed the issue with tooltip transparency
          • Fixed the issue with tooltip fadeIn
          • Added the option to switch the tooltip between clickable and unclickable
          • Added the custom filter “cm_tooltip_parse” which can be used to enable tooltip functionality outside “the_content”
          • Added the shortcode “text” which applies the above filter to its content
          • Fixed the bug with tooltip link in glossary index page

      Version 2.3.11 Build 3rd Nov 2013

          • Fixed the bug with definitions on the glossary list not appearing
          • Fixed the bug with wrong tooltip appearing for two terms having the same part
          • Fixed the PHP error for widget
          • Added the affiliate programme

      Version 2.3.10 Build 28th Oct 2013

          • Fixed a couple of PHP warnings

      Version 2.3.9 Build 17th Oct 2013

          • Fixed tooltip.js conflict with Modernizr
          • Fixed the rare conflict that caused the main index page not showing up

      Version 2.3.8 Build 15th Oct 2013

          • Fixed the issue where admin tabs weren’t working in rare cases

      Version 2.3.7 Build 6th Oct 2013

          • Fixed the bug with htmlentities being decoded

      Version 2.3.6 Build 3rd Oct 2013

          • Fixed the way of loading dynamic CSS
          • Added the explanation for how to remove the tooltips on the main index page
          • Removed old files
          • Upgraded the main glossary index paging mechanism
          • Fixed the bug which was throwing Warnings if the content html was incorrect
          • Fixed the bug with tooltip not appearing for some users
          • Added the option to search the terms in non-separated texts (e.g. japanese) (default: OFF)

      Version 2.3.3 Build 21st Sep 2013

          • Fixed the bug which was breaking the layout for the pages without content
          • Fixed the bug which appeared when activating plugin with PHP < 5.3.6
          • Removed the admin menu link for subscribers
          • Fixed “More info” link

      Version 2.3.1 Build 11th Sep 2013

          • Fixed the bug which broke the layout if the either term or synonym was the same as the HTML tag name
          • Optimized the parsing speed

      Version 2.3 Build 05th Sept 2013

          • Added ability to leave links in tooltip content
          • Optimized the javascript of the tooltip
          • Fixed the conflict with WordPress SEO by Yoast
          • Fixed tooltip display problems
          • Optimized the parsing to make the pages load faster.
          • Fixed the bug with broken links
          • Fixed the bug with broken inputs
          • Added support for mobile devices

      Version 2.2.5 Build 01st Sep 2013

          • Disabled tooltip on glossary list when descriptions are enabled
          • Updated JS method to allow tooltip to appear while mouse in on tooltip

      Version 2.2.4 Build 01st Aug 2013

          • Fixed bug with replacing single quotes with backticks
          • tested with WP 3.5.2
          • Fixed slashes before single quotes in tooltip content
          • Fixed pagination nav for tiles view
          • Added strip_tags for glossary descriptions within glossary list

      Version 2.2.2 Build 20th May 2013

      Fixed special characters (e.g. umlauts) parsing

      Version 2.2.1 Build 16th May 2013

      Show the terms AND the definitions in Alphabetical index

      Version 2.2 Build 12th May 2013

          • Added support for custom characters in alphabetical index
          • Added option to remove [0-9] from alphabetical index
          • Removed lowercase normalization for synonyms
          • Moved synonyms below description
          • Added second back link in the bottom of glossary page and options to customize that
          • Disabled parsing for not singular pages with “more” tag (as for excerpts)

      Version 2.1 Build 30rd April 2013

      Fixed dbDelta + Improved performance on not singular pages

      Version 2.0.10 Build 23rd April 2013

      Fixed related articles indexing

      Version 2.0.9 Build 11th April 2013

      Added option for import and export for Synonyms and variations

      Version 2.0.8 Build 10th April 2013

      We fixed a bug with the Synonyms, once you are installing please deactivate and reactivate plugin

      Version 2.0.7 Build 5th April 2013

          • Added right single quotation mark to normalization
          • Added ability to add singular/plural variations for glossary terms
          • Added ability to prefix related glossary articles
          • Indexing related articles disabled on activation, moved completely to cron and extended execution time limit to 5mins

      Version 2.0.5 Build 120th March 2013

            • Fix bugs in tooltip hover and multisite support

      Fix bugs with creation of items and settings of synonyms

      Version 2.0 Build 12th March 2013

      First Release