CM Tooltip Guide: Mobile plugin Support

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In the Pro, Pro+ and eCommerce Editions of the CM Tooltip plugin, mobile plugin Support is available on all devices to ensure that your glossary data remains visible no matter what type of smartphone, tablet or PC your audience is using.
The plugin can detect what device and being used and determine the plugin’s behavior in accordance to the screen size and other parameters.

How mobile plugin support works with CM tooltip:

If the plugin detects that a mobile device is in use -specifically touchscreen devices- the behavior of the tooltips is changed automatically as follows:

  • Tooltips are displayed on the first touch of the term (since it’s impossible to “hover” over terms)
  • An additional link is displayed at the bottom of the tooltip’s content

In the Pro+ edition of the plugin it’s possible to optionally turn this feature on or off as well as to change the label of this additional link to the term page.

Mobile plugin Support- CM tooltip wordpress plugin