CM Tooltip Screenshots Gallery

uses api connections to connect with merriam-webster dictionary and thesaurus

the Glossary index page in a dictionary like style

infotip hoverover by mouse

infotip hover over example

Setting up the infotip without a related word associated with it.

Term page with no related articles

Set related posts or pages where the highlighted word occurs.

Term page which has related terms and articles

import and export glossaries as .csv files

Import / Export option in Settings

the control panel where the vocabulary list is stored

The Index list in Admin panel

editing the index page that contains all the vocabulary items.

The term page in edit mode

synonyms can also be added to the infotip window's display.

Synonyms options when editing a term in the glossary

infotip for custom linking to related posts and pages

Custom term link and custom related articles when editing technical or vocabulary items

Connection via an api to google translate.

Google translate options

connecting via an api to the merriam-webster dictionary.

Merriam-Webster dictionary options

using the search and replace tool in the index.

Search and Replace tool options

setting to style the infotip

Infotip style options

how to setup associations with related articles

Related article settings

how to show the index as a list or as tiles

The index page in a tiles style

the index as a list of items

The index page in a list style

using a widget with the infotip

infotip widget

you do not have to show all the words just because they are in the list.

Hide Infotip for a Specific Term

select the font that you want displayed in the infotip

Infotip Font Selection

mobile support for responsively designed websites.

Mobile Support - Term Link is displayed inside infotip