Build a hover-over tooltip Glossary of Terms & Definitions on your WordPress Sites

After installing and activating the CM ToolTip Glossary plug-in, lots of new features will appear on your WordPress dashboard, enabling you to easily set up your hover-over tooltip glossary, dictionary or encyclopedia:

A-Z Glossary screen

The A-Z glossary index Show you the current list of terms in your website’s vocabulary in an Alphabetical order. Just click Add New to be taken to a new post, where you can create a new term’s definition. The plug-in will then find all instances of this term on your pages and posts and make them all highlighted clickable. When hovered-over these specific words or phrases, the tooltip window will appear, and when the term is clicked, visitors will be taken to a dedicated page that displays the term definition. Enjoy this powerful WordPress plugin!

The Term page

The term page can be accessed by clicking on a highlighted word or phrase. This is where term definitions, synonyms, and abbreviations are displayed. A separate term page is generated for each new term that is added to the glossary. You can also include a widget that will list all related articles that contain that particular term.

The Settings screen

The tabs displayed in the plugin’s settings panel each contain different customization options that allow you to control the way that tooltips, term pages and the term index are displayed.

Learn more about our hover-over Tooltip Glossary plugin in the video bellow:

Introduction to CM Tooltip – The best WordPress dictionary tooltip plugin from cmplugins on Vimeo.

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