Online Dictionary plugin for Automatically Generating A WordPress Terms Index

CM ToolTip glossary is an online dictionary plugin that makes inserting words and phrases to your dictionary or encyclopedia easier than ever before! It uses WordPress’s own database to keep track of your highlighted items, no matter what kind of vocabulary or lexicon you are building. This plug-in automatically generates a Glossary index page that contains all the activated words and phrases on your website. Most importantly, by building your online dictionary you can increase your Search Engine Optimization score with hundreds of internal links that all pass juice, without having to insert them manually.

We have web-developed the best way to create an online dictionary plugin for specific definitions, synonyms and encyclopedic references of your highlighted items, which can be used along with Google Translate, WikiPedia or the dictionary and thesaurus from Merriam-Webster

Online Dictionary View:

The Index page displays highlighted phrases or words together with their corresponding definitions in an alphabetical order. Pagination can also be enabled via the index settings found in the plugins control panel.

Tile View:

The Glossary page can display all words or phrases as tiles. Pagination is also added based on enabled settings

infotip to control how phrases, words and definitions are shown in the window that appears when the user hovers over the highlighted term with their mouse
The list view of the dictionary lexicon page

List View:

The Glossary page displays an alphabetically ordered list of all terms and phrases. This can be shown on either the server side or the client side of the plug-in. If server side is chosen, large glossaries will load faster. Pagination is added from within the plugin’s settings