The terms are not highlighted on posts of my page

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If you’ve installed the CM Tooltip glossary and added some glossary terms, but the plugin isn’t highlighting them on the posts of your site, here’s a list of things you can check to troubleshoot:

  • Make sure you have installed the latest version of the CM Tooltip plugin

    CreativeMinds is constantly developing the plugin and fixing bugs so it’s very important to have the latest version of the plugin always installed

  • Check the Settings -> Server Information tab to see if all the values are “OK”

    CM Tooltip Glossary is a powerful tool but it still has it’s requirements to work properly, which is why we’ve created a “Server Information” tab in the plugin Settings. The server information tab enables users to easily check for the most common server-related problems that could be interfering with the CM Tooltip Glossary. Server Informtion - OK

  • Check your Tooltip plugin settings in Settings -> General Settings

    “Highlight terms on posts?” “Show tooltip when the user hovers over the term?” should both be checked.
    These may seem obvious, but it could happen for instance if there’s more than 1 administrator Highlight terms on posts

  • Show tooltip on hover

  • Check that the word exists on the post and in the Glossary Index (be sure there’s no typos)

    The typos are sometimes very hard to catch on a first glance, CM Tooltip Glossary can cope with case-insensitive words, but unfortunately isn’t able to find those too.

  • Check the browser’s console if there are no JS errors on the post where the tooltip should appear

    This is a problem on the pages heavily loaded with plugins, especially the older ones which depend on old versions of JS libraries (e.g. jQuery). Also sometimes ad-blocking browser plugins cause JS errors so it’s good to disable them on tested sites.

  • Make sure that the “Tooltip opacity” setting on Settings -> Tooltip is at least 10

    The closer this value gets to 0 the more transparent the whole tooltip gets. This is sometimes confused with the “Transparent background” feature which is currently only supported in the eCommerce edition of CM tooltip GlossaryTooltip - opacity

  • Make sure “the_content” function is used

    The plugin parses the output of “the_content” function, so If you’re using theme/plugins with site building functionality, which are not using “the_content” function, the tooltips won’t appear by default. Two ways to force the parsing are:

    1. wrap the content in the shortcode –  
      [ cm_tooltip_parse ] text [ /cm_tooltip_parse ]
    2. apply the parsing function to the output function used by the site-building plugin
  • Flush/disable the cache after changing the settings

    To display the tooltips our plugin has to add some bits to the HTML code of the site, so it’s very important to flush the cache after changing the settings which may/should affect the tooltips look

  • Try unchecking the “Only higlight on “main” WP query?”

    If all of above fails, that may mean your theme is not outputting your post content with the “main” WP query, so as a last resort you may want to try unchecking this.Only highlight on main WP query

If you’ve tried out everything from the list above and still the terms are not highlightened on the posts of your page, then there’s probably a conflict between our plugin and one of the other plugins activated on your site.
In that case please contact our support (please be sure to provide the admin access to your site) and we’ll try to help.


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