Related Articles does not work, what should I do ?

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If for some reason, the Related articles function has stopped working on your Tooltip glossary, here is some debug info which you need to check and send to us.
– Please try manually rebuilding the related articles index from the admin settings panel which also makes sure related articles are set to appear
– Please change line #43 in related.php (set_time_limit) to 2000 instead of 300 and check if this helps index the files
– Try to edit an article which has a glossary reference and save it without making any changes. This should trigger index rebuild for this article only. Then check if glossary terms from this article have this article related to them
– Please send us the error.log of the server (if you are running apache it should be located in /var/log/)
– Lastly, if none of the above works – Please check if your database already contains wp_glossary_related and let us know

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