CM Tooltip Reviews

A number of CM Tooltip reviews have recently been published by some top-notch WordPress bloggers. Here’s a list of most recent reviews

CM Tooltip Reviews by WP mayor CM Tooltip Glossary Pro+ Review
“…The CM Tooltip Glossary Pro+ plugin is an ideal solution for anyone who writes or publishes content in a topic that has lots of subject-specific terms, acronyms, abbreviations, and jargon. Instead of providing an explanation each time an acronym or technical term is used, this plugin makes it very easy to create your own glossary of terms on a WordPress site…”

Date posted: February 2014
CM Tooltip Reviews by WP explorer Build a Custom Dictionary With The CM Tooltip Glossary WordPress Plugin
“…The Pro+ version, in particular, is full-featured enough to satisfy every conceivable glossary-related need while being simple enough to appeal to WordPress users that like to stick to the essentials…”

Date posted: December 2013
CM Tooltip Reviews by premium WP CM Tooltip: Glossary of Terms and Dictionary WordPress Plugin
“…CM Tooltip plugin makes it very easy to create a glossary of terms section as well as functionality for a tooltip definition of terms in your posts or pages to help visitors when they’re reading your content…”

Date posted: April 2014

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