CM Tooltip Guide: Create custom glossary labels for your index page

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In the plugin settings panel, under the tab “glossary index page”, you can set up your Create custom glossary labels by choosing your preferences for the search bar and tags labeling.

Under “search & tags”, you’ll find the following custom glossary labels:

  • First, you can choose whether or not you want to show the term search bar in the glossary index page.
  • Next, enter the label for your search bar, e.g. ‘search’, ‘term search’ or ‘find a term’ could all be appropriate labels for your search bar.
  • You can also choose a label for the “clear” link, which allows users to remove whatever text they entered into the search bar and start over.
  • Finally, you can choose the label for the tags section, which allows visitors and users to filter your glossary terms using your pre-defined term tags for easier navigation.

Altogether, every label that appears in the Glossary Term Page or Glossary Index Page can be customized in the plugin settings. This option also supports localization while changing the default label which appears automatically when the plugin is installed.

CM Plugins Tooltip- Create custom glossary labels for your WP glossary index

For more information on customizing the glossary index page please follow the link.