CM Tooltip Guide: Wikipedia API

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In the eCommerce edition of the CM Tooltip Glossary plugin it is possible to select and enable a Wikipedia API and add it to the term page and to the tooltip content.

How does the plugin display the content generated by the Wikipedia API?

The content taken from Wikipedia is generated automatically and can also include images, tables and all other content that was originally included in the Wikipedia term definition.

Info: Due to the huge amounts of content in most of the Wikipedia pages we only display the first section which usually includes the most general data. If the content displayed for a term is not satisfying it’s possible to turn off the Wikipedia API output on the manually on each of the term pages.

Add a Wikipedia API to your WordPress site with CM tooltip glossary WordPress plugin

Disabling Wikipedia content

If you want to write your own definition for just some of your terms, and have others displaying wikipedia content, you can override the plugin settings by checking the metaboxes on the term page editor, as shown in the image bellow:

Disable wikipedia API on WordPress term pages- CM tooltip glossary wordpress plugin

Here is an example of how this looks in the tooltip content:

Wikipedia API inside the tooltip