CM Tooltip Guide: Term is defined in the Glossary BUT it is not highlighted on WordPress

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There are many possible reasons why a term would not be highlighted on specified pages or posts. If this is occurring on your site, please check the following options:

  • Term was mixed with html content- sometime you will find a “& nbsp;” instead of a blank line in the post or page where the term appears. Insert a space line to separate the term from these marks
  • If the term contains two – three words, you may find characters between them which do not appear on the page, but exist in the term title, or vice versa, such as exclamation marks, dashes and slashes. In this is the case, the term will not be parsed unless the plugin is set to identify term variations
  • Please check the page where the term should appear for JS errors (see this page for the details of how to do it in Chrome/Firefox)
  • In Plugin settings check that Terms case-sensitive is not checked
  • If all above does not work please check if this is a Theme issue buy applying another theme ( best is WordPress default theme ) on your site and checking if the tooltip works with new theme
  • Another rare issue is when the site theme does not use “the_content” filter to output the content of the posts and pages (a technical term from WordPress).  The  “the_content” filter means that your content comes from the main text area in the page / post and not from custom fields. The plugin cannot identify custom fields you may be using and therefor although uploaded and would not be able to parse any words on the page/post.
    In such cases the solution would be to adjust your theme to use content filters (another WP terms which means that all content filters that are applied on the main text area should be applied also on custom fields)