CM Tooltip Guide: Adding Synonyms to your WP glossary

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With the CM tooltip plugin’s Pro editions, adding synonyms to your WP glossary is easy, and can potentially add lots of internal links to your site while generating more valuable content for your users to benefit from.

How will synonyms appear on my WP glossary?

Synonyms are parsed by the glossary the same way that terms appearing in posts or pages do, and can be linked like any other term upon hover-over to show inside the Tooltip, or alternatively, they can be added at the bottom of each of your glossary terms for reference, in both the tooltip and the term page. Either way, given that synonyms are indeed valuable for your content, using them on your glossary could dramatically increase the number of internal links on your site. Synonyms can also appear in the Glossary index as an entry.

Setting up the synonyms in your WP glossary- CM tooltip plugin for WordPress

To define how synonyms are treated visit your WP glossary plugin settings:

In the settings panel, under the tab “Glossary term” scroll down to the Synonyms section, as shown in the image bellow, and check the different boxes according to your preferences:

define synonyms behavior on CM tooltip WP glossary plugin