CM Tooltip Guide: Modify your Tooltip Link Design

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With the Pro edition of the CM tooltip glossary plugin, you can control and modify your tooltip link design by changing the font, color and size of the tooltip links that appear in your content, and create a distinct look for the terms in your content, which is not only useful but is also beautiful!

Changing your Tooltip link design is super-easy!

All you have to do to style the Glossary link design is go into the plugin settings, and find the tab “glossary term”. Now, you can control the link style on two main positions: As it appears when looking at the text, and as it appears when hovered with the mouse.
Don’t forget to save your settings!

Here’s what it looks like in your admin panel:

modify the Tooltip Link Design with CM tooltip glossary plugin for WordPress

For more info on modifying your tooltip link design and other custom settings, please visit our tooltip guide to custom CSS.