CM Tooltip Guide: Modifying your WordPress Tooltip Style

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With the Pro edition of the CM Tooltip plugin, you can create a unique WordPress tooltip style that fits with your site’s theme. All you have to do to change your Glossary Tooltip appearance is go into the “tooltip” tab on the plugin’s settings panel, where you’ll find lots of modification options to control both the Tooltip box and the text within it.

WordPress Tooltip Style Options include:

  • Changing the Tooltip background color
  • Playin with the Tooltip border line properties
  • Modifying the Tooltip text color
  • Moving the Tooltip positioning on the screen

And much much more, as shown in the screenshot bellow:

modifying your WordPress Tooltip Style- CM tooltip glossary plugin

Tooltip – Styling options in CM Tooltip Glossary Ecommerce Version (some of the options may not be available in the Pro/Pro+)

There is no limit to how many changes you can make to your tooltip style, so you can do this whenever you feel a revamp of styling is needed.

To learn more about customizing your WordPRess tooltip style, please visit our tooltip guide to .