CM Tooltip Guide: Showing Video Tooltips on your WordPress blog

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The CM Tooltip Glossary eCommerce Edition supports showing video tooltip when hovering over pre-defined terms whenever they appear in your WordPress blog or site content.

Video Tooltips can be embedded from YouTube, Vimeo or any other video sharing site. Once you’ve set them up, video tooltips will automatically be displayed when hovering over the pre-defined terms in a post or a page.

Setting up your video Tooltips

To add video into a term’s tooltip, simply embed the video iframe code inside the term page video metabox, as shown in the image bellow:

Setting up your video Tooltips with cm glossary wordpress plugin

Next, you can control each term page via the Tooltip metabox to override the plugin settings and define whether or not to show the video tooltip for the specified term.

The Ecommerce edition also supports defining the tooltip per a specific term as transparent:

Create Transparent video tooltips for your WordPress blog

In the following example show bellow, The tooltip includes a video while the background is transparent.

Create Transparent video tooltips for your WordPress blog1