CM Tooltip Guide: Initial Plugin Configuration Instructions

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Installing the CM Tooltip Glossary plugin should be fairly easy, just like any other WordPress plugin. If you are unfamiliar with the WordPress plugin installation process you can use this highly comprehensive step-by-step guide.

After Installation is complete, you can start your plugin configuration by taking the following steps:

Add your Glossary terms from the Admin top menu:

WordPress tooltip plugin configuration- adding new terms
For more information on adding glossary terms, please visit this page.

Next, visit the plugin settings panel:

WordPRess CM tooltip glossary- Plugin Configuration Instructions

First and foremost, visit the server information tab to make sure your server has the needed settings to support the plugin:

CM tooltip Plugin - server configuration

Initial plugin configuration- Choose your preferences

You can adjust the plugin settings and Glossary Index page permalink in the plugin’s General Settings tab. You can also define if “tooltips” will be shown in Pages/Posts or in the archive sites e.g. Homepage:

CM tooltip plugin configuration - general settings

There are many other plugin configuration options available in the plugin settings panel. To learn how to properly utilize all the different function of CM Tooltip, we recommend that you read through this user guide and watch our tutorial on our video library.

You can now navigate to your Glossary Index Page and start using the CM Tooltip Glossary:

CM tooltip glossary plugin configuration- success