CM Tooltip Guide: Importing and Exporting glossary Terms

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The Pro, Pro+. and eCommerce editions of the CM tooltip plugin support the option for Importing and exporting glossary Terms. This gives you the ability to replicate your Glossary Terms database easily and migrate them across several sites and even import external large dictionaries into the plugin.

What you need to know about Importing and Exporting glossary Terms

Exported files are saved in “.CSV” format, which can then be opened by MS-Excel or OpenOffice software.

If you’re having problems with exporting your data to a .CSV file, a simple workaround is to use Google Spreadsheets. Paste the values (only if you have complex formulas) or import the sheet first and then download the data to .CSV.

If a Term already exists in the database, only it’s content will be updated. Otherwise, a new term is always added.

Important!! All files should be UTF-8 encoded. If you’re using MSExcel, please remember that by default Excel cannot save files in proper CSV format (comma-delimited).

Imported file Format example:


“”,”Example Term”,”Example term excerpt text”,”Description, if multiline then uses
HTML element”,”synonym1,synonym2″,”variation1,variation2″

“”,”Another”,,”Excerpt can be empty”,,

*NOTE: Although the ID column is displayed as the part of the format example, when preparing the file just leave it empty – two quote characters: “”. Plugin will assign the IDs automatically.

Importing and Exporting glossary Terms on WordPress with the CM tooltip glossary plugin