CM Tooltip Guide: How our WordPress Tooltips plugin Works

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Our WordPress Tooltips plugin parses all posts and pages looking for terms that are defined in your glossary, based on your custom plugin settings, and with the exception of user defined excluded areas (see shortcodes).
Parsing happens in “the_content” filter every time it is loaded, before information is sent to the browser.


The output links appear inside posts and pages, that when hovered over, show the Tooltips with the definitions of the different terms that your defined. You may apply customization over the  tooltip content, or define an excerpt from which content will be extracted instead. Once a user clicks on the term, they are directed to the Term Page.

wordpress tooltips plugins- Tooltip appearance

How tooltip appears in posts and pages

Term pages

For each term, a post with a unique ID and permalink is created. An index page with a list of all the terms in the glossary is automatically generated by the plugin, allowing you to review and manage them as a single post type.

WordPress tooltips plugin- Glossary index page

List of terms as defined in glossary. Each term is a WP post

WordPress tooltips plugin settings

All definitions are available in the plugin’s settings panel. Different features become available depending on the edition you’re using- Free, Pro, Pro+ or eCommerce. Compare these plugin editions to find the one that best suits your needs.