CM Tooltip Guide: Defining the glossary terms Index Page

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Glossary terms Index page is automatically created upon plugin installation, containing a list of all your terms in an alphabetical order. As you add more terms, the glossary terms index page will be automatically updated to present all of your glossary items.

Setting up your glossary terms index page

When your first set up your preferences in the plugin settings, you can manually select an existing page from your site, which will dedicated to the glossary index, or easily generate a new one.

Please note that having an index page is optional. If you choose not to have a glossary terms index page on your site, terms will still be highlighted as a mouse-over tooltip in the relevant posts and pages.

Defining the index page’s permalink and name

Glossary Terms Permalink is the part of the URL for glossary terms. For instance for the Glossary Termterm-name”  and the Glossary Terms Permalink “glossary” the permalink to this term on your site would be:  “”.

glossary terms Index Page

The Glossary Index Page ( is a name of the page given in “Glossary Index Page ID”, so if you create a Custom page name like “Dictionary” and change it’s permalink to “dictionary”, the permalink to your Glossary Index Page would then be “”.