CM Tooltip Guide: Controlling the Synonyms Display

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This page is no longer maintained

The Pro editions of the CM tooltip plugin have options where you can control the synonyms display in both the glossary Tooltip and on each of the term pages.

Here are the options available for modifying the synonyms display:

  • Show or hide the list of synonyms in the glossary index page
  • Display the synonyms the same way as glossary terms are displayed in the index page
  • Show the synonyms list inside each term tooltip
  • Define the title of the synonyms section

To find these options go to the “glossary term” tab in your plugin settings, and scroll down to the synonyms section, as shown in the screenshot bellow:

glossary synonyms display- CM tooltip plugin for WordPress

Here’s what the output would look like on your posts and pages:

For more information on how to add synonyms visit this page, or to learn more about the synonyms display please visit this page.