CM Tooltip Guide: Controlling The Behavior of Your Glossary Related articles

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The Pro+ and eCommerce editions of the CM tooltip plugin include advanced settings for your glossary Related articles module, where you can control the definitions and behavior of the Related articles that appear on each of your term pages.

Glossary Related articles options include:

  • What pages on your WordPress site go into the index
  • How many links can be displayed on each term page
  • How labels should be localized

Define these settings by going into the “glossary term” tab inside the plugin’s settings panel, as shown in the plugin screenshot bellow:

modifying the glossary related articles module with the cm tooltip WordPress plugin


It is also possible to define per each page or post if the related articles are shown for this page or post:

show or hide Glossary Related articles- CM tooltip wordpress plugin

To learn more about adding posts and pages to the glossary related articles menu please visit this page, or learn how it works by visiting this page.