CM Tooltip Guide: Compatibility with the other Tooltip libraries/plugins

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The tooltip plugins usually use very similar methods of passing the displayed data, that’s the biggest reason why running more than one tooltip plugin is a bad idea.

So if you’re using CM Tooltip Glossary, you have to be sure to disable/remove all other tooltip plugins/functionality for the expected experience.

There are three groups of tooltip functionalities:

  1. Plugin – usually with the word “tooltip” in the name – it’s enough to deactivate it
  2. Good Theme functionality – usually there’s an option to disable
  3. Worse Theme functionality – when there’s no option to remove, eg. when theme is built with JS framework which comes bundled with the tooltip functionality

Removing the tooltip functionality from the last group is the most challenging as it requires the code manipulation.


To remove the tooltip functionality from foundation.js you have to remove the lines from:

;(function ($, window, document, undefined) {
'use strict';

Foundation.libs.tooltip = {
name : 'tooltip',


reflow : function () {}
}(jQuery, window, window.document));