CM Tooltip Guide: Changing the Term Page Template

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With the Pro+ and eCommerce Editions of the CM Tooltip Glossary plugin, it is possible to change the look & feel of the glossary term pages by creating an adjusted term page template.

To start building your term page template, you must first find the file named single-glossary.php from the Tooltip Glossary plugin folder located under your WordPress plugins section, eg. “TooltipProPlus/theme/Tooltip/single-glossary.php”. Copy the file into your theme’s folder and place it in a new folder called “Tooltip” like the following:

If the plugin doesn’t find the template in your theme’s folder it will use your default template (That is usually the file “single.php” from the main theme directory).

Editing the “single-glossary.php” is like editing any other PHP file. To change it you need to have some basic knowledge of PHP / HTML and WordPress functions.

Hint: If you like to use the custom template but you want the glossary term pages to look similar to the rest of the posts/pages you can copy the content of the “single.php” file to the “single-glossary.php” file.

After creating your temp template page, please update your plugin settings so the plugin will search for the term template file. (see: screenshot below)

adjusting your term page template with CM tooltip glossary plugin for wordpress