CM Tooltip Guide: Adding Terms to your WordPress Glossary

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The initial step after installing the plugin should be to add terms to your new WordPress Glossary. Add terms by clicking on the “Add New” link in the left side admin menu of CM Tooltip Glossary plugin.

WordPRess glossary admin panel- CM Tooltip plugin

Your WordPress Glossary Terms can be created and edited using the WordPress html editor, just like any other post on your site. They can include images, videos, and generally any html content.

adding new terms to your WordPress glossary- the CM Tooltip plugin

The term title is the word or phrase which, when found on the post/page, would display the tooltip with the definition, and link to the Term Page or any other custom links according to the settings that you define.


Term descriptions can be long or short, but it is advisable to limit the amount of characters contained in the Tooltip, so that when hovered over by the cursor, reader will still be able to see your page’s content. This can be done by going to the plugin settings, and under the tab Tooltip, entering the maximum number of characters you wish to have on each tooltip.

CM Tooltip wordpress glossary plugin - limit tooltip length

Example of one of the settings regarding the Glossary Terms

On the Settings page of “Glossary Term” we’ve placed the options for the look & feel of the Glossary Term pages.