CM Tooltip Guide: Adding Index Pagination to your WordPress Glossary

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The CM Tooltip Glossary plugin Pro, pro+ and eCommerce editions let you add index Pagination to your glossary, and specify how many terms should appear on each page. This is particularly recommended for achieving ease of navigation on large glossaries.

How do i set up my glossary index pagination?

To set your index pagination, go to the plugin settings, and under the index page tab, enter the number of items per page and the type of pagination you require, as shown in the image bellow:
CM Tooltip plguin for wordpress- index pagination settings

The plugin offers two different types of Pagination:

  • Client-side: Longer loading times but have a fast page switch
  • Server-side: Loading faster but having a slower page switch

Generally speaking, the Client-Side based index pagination will be better for small glossaries, but for the big ones (over 1000 terms) it might be necessary to use the Server-Side pagination to prevent server side memory problems.

Here’s an example of a glossary that uses server side index pagination:

server side index pagination- WordPress tooltip plugin