CM Tooltip Guide: Adding Glossary metaboxes to your WordPress content editor

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The CM tooltip glossary plugin contains advanced settings that allow you to add glossary metaboxes onto the content editor screen of your WordPress posts and pages, where you can easily override your general tooltip settings and customize them for the particular page or post you are editing.

Why do i need metaboxes on my content editor?

Once you’ve added the glossary metaboxes onto your content editor, you will be able to see lots of new options on the side of your screen, which only apply to the post you’re editing, allowing you to:

  • Disable tooltips from appearing on a page or post
  • Disable links to the glossary term pages
  • Disable the term search utility
  • Disable the “related terms” widget

CM Tooltip Glossary metaboxes

How do I add Metaboxes onto my content editor?

If you want metaboxes to appear on the side of your content editor, please go to the plugin Settings -> General Settings and find the section called Metaboxes. Check the boxes as required and apply the metaboxes onto all of your pages and post types.
Please note that since this is a relatively new feature, if you cannot find the Metaboxes section, it means you need to update your plugin.

Adding metaboxes to specified post types:

To find the information about how to add the CM Tooltip Glossary metaboxes to custom post types please see this FAQ page.