CM Tooltip Guide: Accessing your WordPress terms

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CM tooltip- A WordPress terms Dictionary

Each of your Glossary-generated WordPress terms can be edited and viewed just like any other WordPress post or page. In fact, they can be considered and treated as a custom post type, each having their own unique URL.

Your WordPress terms can be accessed in the following ways:

  • Directly by entering the post URL into the browser, e.g.
  • By clicking on the term’s tooltip from each page where the term appears in the content (this can be changed in the Glossary Settings, under the “Glossary Terms” tab, on “Glossary Term Links”).
  • From the Glossary Index Page by clicking on the term directly (this can be changed in Glossary Settings – in section “Glossary Index Page -> Links”)

Editing your WordPress terms type posts

If you want to edit your WordPress terms, click on the CM tooltip glossary tab in your WordPress dashboard and select glossary, which will show the list of all ‘term’ type posts, containing your existing glossary terms, including the regular options for WordPress posts: edit, view, quick edit and so on.