CM Tooltip Guide: Changing your Index display modes

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The pro edition of the CM tooltip plugin allows the site administrator to choose between several Index display modes and determine the style of their Glossary Index Page.

There are seven Index display modes available:

  • Classic- Shows a plain list of the terms in alphabetical order
  • Classic+definition- Shows the list of terms with their definitions, in alphabetical order
  • Classic+ excerpt- Shows the list of terms with their excerpt, in alphabetical order (only applies if you’ve activated the excerpt feature)
  • Small tiles- Shows terms in small tiles, in alphabetical order
  • Big tiles- Shows terms in larger tiles, in alphabetical order
  • Classic table- Shows terms in alphabetical order inside a plain table
  • Modern table- Shows terms in alphabetical order inside a modern table

In case the Administrator does not opt for any of these options, “classic” style will be selected by default.
The index display mode is modified via the “Glossary index page” tab, in the plugin settings, as shown bellow:
Switching the index display mode and removing tooltips- CM tooltip plugin for WordPress

Search bar

The Administrator can also choose to have the search bar shown on the glossary index page. The search block will then appear above the alphabetic index, allowing users to search for specified terms.

glossary index display modes- search bar- CM tooltip plugin for WordPress

index display modes- search bar as shown in the CM tooltip plugin for WordPress

Removing Links

The admin can choose to remove the links the to the glossary term pages by checking the box “Remove the link from Glossary Index to the Glossary term pages” in the plugin settings.

Adjusting link styles

“Style links differently” option allows the administrator to opt for the links in the glossary index page to be styled differently than the usual way glossary terms are styled. In this case the Administrator will be able to use the class “glossaryLinkMain” to style only the links on the Glossary Index Page, otherwise they will retain the class “glossaryLink” and will be identical to the linked terms on all the other pages.

 index display modes- links- CM Tooltip glossary plugin for WordPress