CM Tooltip Guide: Tooltip Audioplayer Settings

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The CM Tooltip eCommerce edition allows you to incorporate an HTML5 audioplayer in the glossary term page and also inside the tooltip. Supported file types are mp3, .m4a, .ogg, or .wav files.

The Tooltip AudioPlayer uses WordPress’s default player.

Adding Audio files to your Tooltip

To add an audio file to any term, user needs to edit the term page and insert the URL of the audio file. It is also possible to upload the audio files using “Add media” button and copy & paste their permalinks to the audio area in the term editing page as show below:
tooltip audioplayer for WordPress in the term page

Enabling The Tooltip AudioPlayer in the Plugin Settings

The audioplayer has two modes:

  • The limited mode will only show “PLAY/ PAUSE” buttons.
  • The full mode will also display a file name and other controls typical for the audio player

Audio player location can also be controlled in the plugin settings. It can appear at the top or at the bottom of the content.

CM Plugins Glossary tooltip Audioplayer Settings

Here is how the audioplayer is embedded inside the term page

3tooltip audioplayer for WordPress- CM glossary plugin
Here is the audio-player as embedded inside the tooltip
tooltip audioplayer for WordPress