CM Tooltip Guide: Woocommerce Tooltips for bloggers and retailers

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The “eCommerce” edition of the CM Tooltip Glossary plugin supports the option to include WooCommerce tooltips that present Product recommendations inside the tooltip when hovering a term. This is a great feature for bloggers and merchants who want to promote products from within their blog posts.

How do I add WooCommerce tooltips to my blog?

In order to add WooCommerce tooltips to your site content, whether it be blog posts or static pages, you must first install the WooCommerce plugin and define products in the WooCommerce products sections, according to their instructions.

Then, for each term you define in the Glossary you can select one WooCommerce product. This will result in showing a product widget inside the tooltip when hovering over the term.

cm plugins- enable woocommerce tooltips on your WordPress glossary

When hovered, WooCommerce tooltips look like this:

cm plugins glossary woocommerce tooltips

How to match product and terms together

After you’ve set up you WooCommerce plugin and added your products, you will see a dropdown menu on the upper right side of your term-type post editor, allowing you to choose the matching product from the list of existing shop items. Selecting the product will automatically as its pre-defined WooCommerce content into the term’s tooltip.
WooCommerce tooltips for Bloggers- CM tooltip glossary WordPress plugin