CM Tooltip Guide: The Alphabetic Index- Supporting UTF-8 characters

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The tooltip Glossary Index Page can support any UTF-8 characters and by this allows to build index for non English terms.

Setting up UTF-8 characters on your glossary

It is advised to set up your language support before you start adding terms to your glossary, right after you finished the installation. To start using the tooltip glossary in a UTF-8 characters set, all you have to do is enter characters used in your language, separated by a comma, into the box as shown in the example bellow:

UTF-8 characters language support on CM tooltip glossary plugin for WordPress

On the Glossary Index Page this will look as follows:

Additional options for the alphabetic index:

You can choose to show numeric figures in the alphabetic index [0-9], for terms that begin with a number.
Another option is to add the [All] button into the alphabetical list, which when clicked will display all your glossary terms in one list.

Since version 2.7.2 it’s also possible to change the label of the [ALL] button.

Show numeric in alphabetical order

Show all in alphabetical order

show all and numeric demo