Boost your WordPress site with advanced Glossary features

Build a WordPress Glossary with abbreviations of words and acronyms Abbreviations

Build a WordPress Glossary with acronyms and abbreviations added to dictionary items. Abbreviated words also become highlighted in all your posts and pages.

Build a WordPress Glossary-infotip has abbreviated words Export Terms

Export your Glossary terms into a .csv file. Share and build upon your list by uploading it to other glossaries.

Build a WordPress Glossary- import files to excel spreadsheet Import Terms

Build your Glossary by importing lists of words from a .csv file.

Build a WordPress Glossary with a localization api Localization

Includes UTF-8 support for special characters and All UTF-8 supported languages

Build a WordPress Glossary- seo optimization best practices SEO Optimized

Adding glossary terms builds internal links that strengthen your website’s SEO

building internal links that pass juice Style

Build a WordPress Glossary that’s stylish and unique by customizing the style of the Glossary Index page and displaying the infotip the way you want.

custom display settings for the infotip Synonyms

Add synonyms to words and phrases. Synonyms will be highlighted in posts and pages

infotip can be used with synonyms Mobile

Tooltips are responsively adjusted and are mobile friendly.

infotip resizing Audio

Add an audio file to the Tooltip that allows visitors to play it within an embedded media player

infotip with media player Video

Add videos from YouTube or Vimeo to show inside your Tooltip window

Build a WordPress Glossary that has infotip window with youtube video Thesaurus

Add the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus definition to any of your vocabulary words.

infotip connection with merriam-webster Dictionary

Add the Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition to any word or phrase in your vocabulary.

infotip connection with the merriam-webster api Images

Build a WordPress Glossary that Embeds a featured image for each specified word or phrase. Images are shown in the infotip window when they are hovered-over.

infotip with embedded image Amazon Products

Connect with Amazon to show recommended product links for specified words and phrases in an infotip window.

infotip with related amazon products Google Translate

Translate specified words or phrases into the language of your choice using Google Translate.

infotip that translates into different languages Wikipedia

Connect with Wikipedia to feed encyclopedic content that can be shown in a window upon hover-over and in the term page.

infotip connection to wikipedia Double Click

Users can double-click on any word or phrase to show an infotip generated on demand from Wikipedia, Amazon or Merriam-Webster content.

transparent skin styles Transparent Tooltip

Comes with transparency options to better display infotip content with videos and images.

infotip images and videos Term Template

Provides a term page template to customize the display of words and phrases in your vocabulary’s Index.

infotip custom template page Related Terms

Automatically shows a list of all related pages and posts that relate to the word or phrase in the Glossary

infotip shows related pages Shortcodes

Supports multiple glossaries and works with custom shortcodes to connect with external API’s such as Wikipedia, MW and Google Translate.

multiple glossaries supported Search

Internal search for words or phrases in your index using a local, ajax-based search.

local ajax based search Index Views

Select between several templates to control how the Index is displayed.

how to change the display of the index page WooCommerce Products

Display your WooCommerce products inside an infotip with a widget to enhance your marketing strategy.

infotip showing woocommerce products Custom Fonts

Customize the font size and styles from a list of fonts available.

infotip can be customized with several different font styles Multi-site Compatibility

Supports plugin use with WordPress Multisite.

support for multiple websites Social Media Widget

Add a social share widget to all the words and phrases in your Index

tags can be used to categorize words Tag your Terms

Use tags to organize your words and phrases into tagged groups that become searchable.

tagging phrases in your vocabulary list Eastern Languages

Support for Eastern Languages parsing including Japanese.

Japanese language support WPML Support

Support for WPML Plugin and Multilingual sites

multiple language support Target Term Link

Set target term link to an external URL.

CM Tooltip Use Cases

  • Dictionary – Creates a dictionary of specifically used words or phrases on your site.
  • Tooltip – Adds an infotip as an anchor to predefined items that are contained in your site.
  • Knowledge Base – Creates a knowledge base of useful technical words and definitions.
  • Encyclopedia – Builds an internal Encyclopedia for your site.
  • Synonyms – Keeps and displays synonyms of words that you are using.
  • Lexicon – Builds a lexicon of terms.
  • Vocabulary – Builds a vocabulary of custom words and expressions.
  • Explanations – Explains the meanings of words in your posts or pages.
  • Translate – Translates keywords and definitions into any defined language using Google Translate.
  • WikiPedia – Adds Wikipedia content to your site.
  • YouTube – Show YouTube / Vimeo videos once hovering over a keyword
  • Music – Include mp3 voice or music file for each infotip
  • Amazon – Enhance your site with infotips that include Amazon product recommendations

CM Tooltip Free Edition

  • Automatically generates a Glossary index of words and phrases [Example]
  • Ability to show your Index list as tiles
  • Each specified word has its own unique post. [Example]
  • Infotip window can optionally appear when terms are hovered over by the cursor.
  • Term page can optionally be linked directly from posts or pages.
  • Includes several filters to optimize the Tooltip and limit the length of description displayed.
  • Prevents the glossary from parsing text, when needed, by using a Shortcode text .
  • Support Excerpts (if they exist) as a hover-over text that appears in the infotip window.
  • Controls the location and area where the Tooltip appears (pages, posts, homepage)
  • Controls the settings in cases where the Tooltip appears more than once.
  • Supports UTF-8 coding
  • Only the first 500 terms are displayed in the index.

CM Tooltip Pro Edition

Includes all features in the Free Edition with the addition of the following enhancements:

  • Pagination – The Pro edition gives you the ability to add pagination to the glossary page on both server side and the client side of the plugin. (Support is provided to speed up extra large glossaries). Administrators can also control the number of items that appear on each page. (Demo)
  • Widget – The Pro edition includes a widget that shows a random selection of a number of specified terms with a link to the index. (Demo (Scroll down and look at the right side). (image)
  • Link Style – Ability to change term link style. (Settings: image)
  • Tooltip Style – Ability to change infotip’s shape, color and border. (Demo – Highlight any term) , (Settings:image)
  • Import / Export – Import and Export your glossaries to and from .CSV format. (image)
  • Internal Links – Options to add a link back to your glossary term page from each page or post. (Demo)
  • Editor Button – Editor button to support exclude content from glossary. (image)
  • Synonyms – Add several Synonyms for each word or phrase, so that the Tooltip is made to appear for all Synonyms in posts or pages (Demo), (Glossary Term Page: image)
  • Related Posts – Shows all related posts and pages for each term. This option is cached to enhance performance. (Demo), (Settings: image)
  • Multisite – Support for WP Multisite.
  • Gratitude Message – Does not include the CMinds Gratitude message in the footer.
  • Singular and Plural – Supports different variations of nouns that allow the user to specify a definition for each word according to its specific use. The infotip will appear for all variations in all posts and pages. (Image)
  • Glossary term supports more posting options.
  • Localization – All labels are external in the settings and can be localized easily.
  • Custom Characters – Support for custom characters in alphabetical index (image), (Demo in Finish), (Another Demo in Finnish)
  • Definition in Index – Show the Terms and Definitions in an Alphabetically sorted index. (image)
  • Mobile Friendly – Detects Mobile devices and displays the infotip only when a highlighted word is clicked. The infotip includes a link to the term page. (Image)
  • Anchors inside Tooltip – Infotip can include anchors which the user can click. (Demo – hover over HTML)
  • Permalink – Glossary permalink can be changed.
  • Optimized for Speed – Parsing engine is optimized for speed and can hold thousands of terms without slowing down the site.
  • Per Post Tooltip Options – Infotip appearance and use can be customized per each page or post. Users can define if a page / post should be parsed and if the Tooltip or links should appear in a specific page / post
  • Unlimited number of terms can be displayed in the Glossary index.
  • {New} Share This – A “Share this” widget is added to the index page and each term page. This can be set on or off in the plugin settings
  • {New} Support for WPML – Glossary Index Page can be multilingual
  • {New} Displaying tooltips outside of main content –  Display the tooltips anywhere on the page – (Guide)

CM Tooltip Pro+ Edition

Includes all features of the Free and the pro Editions, with the following additional features:

  • Google Translate Integration – Ability to display translated words into the language of your choice for all terms and definitions, using the Google Translate API (Image- hover over HTML), (Image from Settings)
  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary Integration – Ability to display the dictionary definition of a term from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. (Demo)
  • Merriam-Webster thesaurus Integration – Ability to display the thesaurus synonyms and antonyms from the online Merriam-Webster Thesaurus in your Term page and infotip. (Demo)
  • Glossary Search – Glossary index page is included within a local search engine. (Demo)
  • Glossary Categories – Glossary categories are supported and can be used in the glossary page, also set with a Shortcode. (Demo), (Categories in the Index)
  • Shortcode – Glossary Shortcode. “[“glossary cat=”cat name”] allows you to display words from a specific categories anywhere on your site. (Demo)
  • Search & Replace Tool – Includes an On-the-Fly search and replace tool to replace text or html codes in your posts and pages with newly replaced content. (Image)
  • Custom Links – Manually add custom links to your Glossary Term page. (Image)
  • Exclude Term – Glossary terms can be excluded from the Glossary index. (Image)
  • Term Target Link – Terms are linked and can be targeted to go to an external or custom link. (Demo – Click on Ajax and you will be taken outside of site)
  • Term page Template – Term page uses a template that can be edited and changed.
  • Change tooltip font – Select the infotip font from 8 available Google fonts (Image)
  • Dictionary shortcode – Ability to include th Merriam-Webster Dictionary on any post or page. term name (View Demo)
  • Thesaurus shortcode – Ability to include a Merriam-Webster Thesaurus Shortcode on any post or page. term name (View Demo)
  • Google Translate Shortcode – Ability to include a Google Translate Shortcode on any post or page. text to translate (View Image)
  • Related Glossary terms – Relates highlighted words or phrases to a specified word which is displayed according to control settings. (Demo)
  • Related Terms Widget in Posts/Pages – Adds a widget to show all related Glossary terms at the end of each page/post. (View Demo – look at the bottom of the article)
  • Partial Word terms – Added Support to partial words term or Asian languages like Japanese which do not have space between words. (Demo in Japanese>
  • {New} Abbreviations -Include support for word abbreviations (one per term). Abbreviation will appear in index page and will be highlighted in posts and pages
  • {New} Index Page Styles – Added Several new ways to display index pages including table views and list views
  • {New} Highlight Terms in comments – Words can be highlighted not only in the posts/pages but also in the comments.
  • {New} Restrict the list of words highlighted on posts and pages – You can create specific lists of terms which should NOT be highlighted on certain pages and posts
  • {New} Improved Mobile Support – Change the label of the link to the Glossary term page and the ability to disable this feature
  • {New} Glossary Backup – Export your glossary and store it on the server
  • {New} Metabox Options/Filters – Control the post types where the Glossary Tooltips appear by Settings and filters. (Guide page)

CM Tooltip Ecommerce Edition

Includes all features of the Free Edition and the Pro and Pro+ editions, with the addition of the following:

  • Support for WooCommerce – Show a wooCommerce product recommendation in the infotip once hovering over a word occurs (View Image of Back-end), (View Image of front-end), View online demo
  • Support for Amazon Product Recommendations – You can choose from one of many Amazon categories and show a product recommendation widget matching the selected word or phrase. The link to the product also includes your Amazon Associate ID. Check Valentine (View Image of back-end)
  • Support for double click on any word in a post or page – Any word on any page or post can be double clicked to retrieve information from Wikipedia / Amazon Product Recommendations / Merriam Webster Dictionary or Thesaurus. You can double click on any word in this post to see this feature in action! (View Image of back-end)
  • Support for more shortcodes – We have added shortcodes to cover Wikipedia and also created an instance of the infotip without a pre-defined word.  The glossary_tooltip will show an infotip for a defined word  term and glossary_wikipedia term=”term name”
  • Support for Wikipedia – We now support embedding content from Wikipedia on the term page and on the tooltip. You can also use a shortcode to insert a Wikipedia content on any page or post. Wikipedia content can be taken from any language which has a Wiki. Check Saint Valentine or Green (View Image of back-end)
  • Support for Audio files with tooltip – You can attach an audio file to each word and customize the look and feel of the play button.
  • Support for Video files with tooltip – you can embed a video file taken from YouTube or Vimeo or other video sharing sites and show them in the Tooltip. The infotip can also be transparent to show no background behind the video. Check Soda (View Image of back-end)
  • Transparent tooltip background – Infotips can now have a transparent background. This supports showing images and videos. Check Soda.
  • Featured image for each term – A term or phrase can have a featured image associated with them, which will show on both the tooltip and the term page. The image size can be defined in the term page settings. Check Picture
  • Tags – Now supports tags for each word. Tags allow for easy filtering of words and are also shown on the index page.

Tooltip Glossary Skins
Add-on for the Tooltip Glossary plugin that lets you change the tooltip’s shape, color, opacity and much more. It offers various improved shapes and themes for the tooltip and improves the overall user experience. Mobile responsive.
Glossary Log & Statistics
This add-on for the Tooltip Glossary tracks and reports tooltip usage statistics such as number of tooltip hovers, term link clicks, inside tooltip clicks, term overall impressions, and server loads. Apply this data to your site to improve your glossary performance.
Glossary Community Terms
This add-on for the Tooltip Glossary that let users suggest new terms for your Glossary. This add-on works for both anonymous and registered users and allows you to control which users can add new terms directly and which need suggestions moderated.
Glossary Remote Import
Add-on for the Tooltip Glossary that provides an easy way to import, replicate and create an up-to-date copy of your CM Glossary across several WordPress sites or domains.
Glossary Visual Widgets
This add-on for the Tooltip Glossary plugin lets you add six new widgets to your glossary, which enhance the user experience and glossary engagement by exposing its content to users and visitors. Create visually appealing widgets to improve glossary content and user interaction.
Glossary Search Console
Make your glossary more accessible by adding a widget to the bottom of your website and let your users easily search your Glossary terms and content. This tool includes automatic suggestions for related glossary terms.
Glossary Custom Taxonomies
Add support for multiple taxonomies and filtering for the Glossary terms
Glossary PeepSo Integration
Integrate glossary tooltip with PeepSo. Parse PeepSo content to show tooltip for glossary terms and let members suggest terms
Glossary Editor Tooltip
Display tooltip on the wordpress post content, title and excerpt in both visual and text mode.