Build a Glossary, Encyclopedia or Dictionary of Your Terms

Shows as a tooltip in WordPress posts and pages while hovering

CM Tooltip – Set up a Glossary of Terms & Definitions

The CM Tooltip Glossary is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to go through posts or pages an highlight defined glossary terms. Once enabled, users can hover over the term, word or phrase and a display tooltip will highlight the definition. This glossary tooltip plugin features a Glossary index and a unique Term page. The index adds referenced key terms, while the term page includes the definitions and a list of links that connect back to their source pages or the post where the term appears.

CM Tooltip Glossary Plugin – Advanced Features

The Pro version of the CM Tooltip glossary plugin offers a whole range of expanded features. In addition to the features of the free version, you can also add to your glossary terms additional internal links, synonyms, related posts, related terms, and support for singular and plural forms of words. With the Pro version you can set up pagination for large glossaries and customize how the Tooltip looks and links to term pages, change permalinks, and generate anchor links to Terms pages for enhanced SEO. Widgets can be used to display terms in your sidebar.

CM Tooltip Plugin – Glossary Index of Terms Page


Our plugin generates Glossary index page of all the defined terms that your website uses. Glossary items are added to the glossary terms list and can be displayed in several ways to support different usage scenarios.

A Glossary Plugin for Dictionary Definitions of Words


The CM Tooltip Glossary plugin for WordPress creates a unique post for each item in your glossary, as a page that includes the term’s specific definition. Upon hover-over, a customizable tooltip appears and displays the selected word or phrase’s definition. Term page also lets you add custom references, links to additional sources as footnotes or citations.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Integration via Shortcode


The CM Tooltip Glossary Pro+ integrates with the Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus with a shortcode placed in the glossary item post. In addition to your custom definition and context of usage, our plugin gives you the ability to show a dictionary or thesaurus feed from Merriam-Webster when a specified term is hovered over. The definition displays inside the tooltip and when clicked takes visitors to a dedicated term page. CM Tooltip displays as a window on hover over and also can be used with a Shortcode inserted in any post or page.

With Google Translate Multi-Language Integration


The CM Tooltip Glossary Pro+ plugin integrates with the Google Translate API, enabling you to show the translation of a term into any other language that Google Translate supports. Displaying the language translation of terms or phrases is easy, the Tooltip shows the translation whenever the cursor hovers over a highlighted term or phrase. Translations of words or phrases into other languages can be inserted in any post or page with a Shortcode that displays the translation in the language of your choice.

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